we rise above and beyond. we sit in the silence and in the storm.
we notice what arises and what falls. we move and flow. we honor ourselves.
we create. we forgive. we breathe deeply. we are exceptional and magical.
we are divine feminine energy manifested in love.

black. lotus. rising.

jylani ma’at and her daughters, Janaya and Kanoni, have been on a journey to live life with an unapologetic fullness in their actions, emotions and beliefs. they started the journey in new york, as all three were born in brooklyn . they have lived on both coasts and in several cities in between. the family has traveled to many wonderful places in the united states and abroad. as a family, they have experienced the blessings and complexities of life - including the joy and suffering that comes with experiencing each breath as it comes. like many families, they work to figure out how to live in ways that benefit self, family and community.

due to jylani’s background in education, healthcare and contemplative studies, the emphasis has been on raising the girls to be aware of who they are and finding sound wellness practices that support and honor how they feel. it has been in their practices of: conscious breathing, self compassion and self love that has guided them to live with intention and awareness. each family member has a unique way of finding their own strength and accessing inner peace. as with most, the practice takes work and constant adjustment. it takes compassion, patience and love.

black lotus rising grew out of that love.
it is the practice of living a life of fullness and intentionality toward the individual and collective practice of self love, self compassion and conscious awareness. wellness comes from the ability to be present and aware of what is going on in one’s inner and outer landscapes.

black lotus rising supports women & girls as they discover or reconnect with their divine energy. it is our inner knowing and energetic composition that produces life in all forms.


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